System for the management and complete automation of clay pigeon shooting ranges.

It supports system Shooting Data from Beretta.

Approved by I.S.S.F. and F.I.T.A.S.C.

Real-time display of the competitions on

Why choose the Multi-Pull system?

Made from several interconnected units, it allows the management of shooting ranges, the organization of competitions, the display of results via digital scoreboards and/or monitors and on internet in real time (from our website, on dedicated pages for each Club).

  • It's simple and modular.
  • Allows to use all the official disciplines I.S.S.F. and F.I.T.A.S.C. and many more for training.
  • It has multi-language support.
  • It's reliable and long lasting.

  • It is constantly updated with all the new official rules.
  • It has economic and safety advantages: it allows you to manage training sessions through the use of Chip Cards without the need for additional personnel and keeps track in real time on which and how many shooters are using which shooting range.
  • Includes free after-sales support service.


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Control Unit

Mini computers dedicated to managing the correct development of the disciplines. They are connected to the microphones from which the shooter's voice is picked up and send the release signal to the shooting machines. They receive commands from the referee, send scoring signals to the scoreboards, monitors and office. They can be equipped with a wi-fi module to control trap machines without cables. Various accessories can be associated with them.

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Junction boxes

They are used to comfortably manage the cables that connect the signals from or to various devices. Generally associated with control units, they allow you to quickly exchange the range layout when switching discipline, simultaneously switching microphones, trap machines and more.

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Tripods and Microphones

They can be configured with different options. Of own production, they are assembled completely by hand and made of treated metal to ensure durability. In the more technological versions they have LED displays or wi-fi devices for the Beretta Shooting Data system.

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Outdoor score display devices. Designed and produced internally by the company, they have a metal body in aluminum or iron depending on the model, with LED boards inside. They receive data from the control unit and the control room. They can be wired or wirelessly connected. There are different types and sizes, from the smallest of about 1 x 0.5mt up to dimensions of over 5 x 2mt. They all use high-intensity LEDs to be visible even in full sun. Available in: monochromatic, two-color and Full RGB.

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Mini-PC to be connected to a monitor or TV to show all kind of information regarding the sporting event in progress (real-time results from multiple fields at the same time, individual fields, rankings, information to the public and advertising for sponsors). They can be used inside and outside restaurants, bars and club houses.

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Connection systems

All devices of the Multi-Pull system can be interconnected with each other. A wide selection of type of connection can be provided, from special shielded cable, to optical fiber and it's related signal conversion interfaces, up to transmitters and receivers for wireless applications.

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System management

The heart of the system resides in the unit called Data Concentrator which receives all the signals arriving from the control units, communicates with scoreboards, monitors and payment systems; it connects the whole system in a centralized way, allowing you to have all your fields under control in a single screen. PAired with the Multi-Pull software, allows you to manage competitions in complete autonomy, from registration to the award ceremony, with results and rankings in real time both online and locally.

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Payment systems

Devices that allow the user to pay for series or individual targets. They include: coin acceptors, chip card readers, banknote / coin readers to recharge the chip cards and office chip card programmers with management software for always up-to-date accounting.

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Shooting Data

Brand owner of the Beretta we work with. It is used to ensure that the shooter, in total autonomy, can send shot-by-shot data to the Beretta Cloud, whether in competition or in training, and keep track of their performance throughout the training season.

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All the stand-alone devices that surround the archipelago of products of the Multi-Pull system.

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Replacement Parts

Available for all our products.

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Caps and T-shirts with the Multi-Pull logo.

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On-site installation

On-site presence of one or more technicians who, on behalf of the customer, take care of the installation or its supervision, giving the final approval of correct operation.

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Generally associated with installation, this is a training of one or more days for the personnel concerned on the functions of the devices, software, maintenance and everything the customer needs to operate in total autonomy.

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Shooting event on-site technical support

Presence on site of one or more technicians, before and during a sporting event, who check all the devices and carry out necessary repairs if problems arise during the race.

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Competition Management

On-site presence of a technician, for the complete management of the competition, starting from the drawing of lot to the organization according to the reles, to the entire management of the competition into the finals, printouts and reports for the necessary time.

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Phone and remote support

Free after-sales service to support the customer in the event of small problems or inability to use.

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